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Not all slot machines are designed for mass appeal. Niche games targeted at a specific audience have their place, too. In the last several years, one game that has earned its niche is Roulette from Bally.

This isn't one of the big multi-station systems such as Shuffle Master's Rapid Roulette slot. It's a single-player game on a inch vertical screen. Single-player Roulette has been a single-zero game, but now Roulette slot has come out with a double-zero game. Each number has a 1 in 37 chance of turning up on any given spin on the single-zero version, and it's 1 in 38 in the coral demo slots game.

If payoffs were roulette slot same in Roulette as table roulette, there would be a house edge of 2. That's the same as saying a payback of Dollar slots often have roulette slot higher than But the game also is offered in denominations as low as a penny, and casinos like their penny games returning in the mid-to-high roulette slot percents. A game with the same odds as table roulette would never get a chance on primären pearl dynasty slot machine gut floors as a penny slot -- or as 2-cent or nickel games.

Some versions of Roulette return for-1 on a roulette slot single-number bet. On a one-credit bet, the wager is immediately deducted from roulette slot credits on the screen. If you win, 36 credits are added onto your credit meter. At a table, we'd say to Your one-credit bet would stay on the table, and if you won, you'd get to keep the bet in addition to 35 credits in winnings. Either way, you have your original credit plus 35 more.

To make Roulette work on a low-denomination slot format, some machines have lower payoffs. A reader who wrote to ask about the effect of using two zeroes on the machines reported seeing a for-1 return on a penny game. At for-1, the house edge on a single-number bet on a single-zero game is With a double-zero virtual wheel, that house edge rises to If the return roulette slot to for-1, paybacks go up to At for-1, it's Here's the short version of how to calculate it.

On a single-zero game, there are 37 possible outcomes. If it pays only for-1, that's a shortfall of five units on the payback. Roulette slot that five-unit shortfall by the 37 possibilities, then multiply by to convert to percent, and you have a house edge of The payback percentage is just the opposite way of looking at the house edge.

Divide the number of coins the payoff is short by 38 instead of by 37, then multiply by to get the house edge in percent. In the case of a for-1 payoff, it's a six-unit shortfall, so we divide 6 by 38, which multiplied by gives us a Want the long explanation?

That's the house edge. This article is provided by the Frank Scoblete Network. Kaplan is the network's managing editor. If you would roulette slot to use this article on your website, please contact Casino City Linkthe exclusive web syndication outlet for the Frank Scoblete Network.

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G aming G uru John Grochowski Homepage Roulette slot Grochowski Archives Books by John Grochowski   Send to a Friend Bally's roulette slot 10 July By John Grochowski Not all slot machines are designed for mass appeal. A Baccarat Quiz John Grochowski John Grochowski is the best-selling author of The Craps Answer Book, The Slot Machine Answer Book and The Video Poker Answer Box24 casino mobile. This Author All Authors John Grochowski John Grochowski is the best-selling author of The Craps Answer Book, The Slot Machine Answer Book and The Video Poker Answer Book.

Play casino games like Roulette, Slots, Blackjack and lots more. Try your luck with fun slot machines like Jack Hammer, Gonzo`s Quest, Aloha and Bloodsuckers.

Our Flash powered slots unfortunately do not work on mobile devices. However, below we have a selection of of our exclusive HTML5 powered mobile friendly slots which you can play on phones and tablets. We're currently hard at work converting all our games into mobile friendly slots games and you can see our mobile slots page for all roulette slot latest!

Celebrate the Year of the Monkey with this great 9 payline slot with Free Spins and a Roulette slot Gamble Feature! Our Winter Wonderland game is a roulette slot reel, 20 payline slot game with two wilds and a Gamble game.

Get 3 Bingo Bonus symbols on the reels to activate the Speed Bingo Bonus Game! This is a 30 roulette slot version of bingo where you have to get 9 numbers daubed off your card before all 30 numbers are called.

Our exclusive Cleopatra Slots Game features 2 scatter symbols, a wild symbol, Free spins roulette slot plus a Pyramid bonus game.

Mini Roulette Games Bonus Games: Another one of our casino game slots rangeour Free Roulette Slots is roulette slot special, with all the fun of roulette slot online slot combined with the thrills of Roulette.

In our feature packed Roulette video slot you'll find several special symbols, free spins, and 3 different roulette based bonus games French, American and European variants not to mention music and sound effects click Our Roulette slot has 25 paylinesscatter, bonus and wild symbols - this slots game has it all! Three special scatter symbols flags representing the versions of Roulette games trigger the super bonus roulette slot and they do not even need to be on a payline!

Roulette slot the bonus games section below for full details of the 3 different roulette bonus games. Roulette slot Roulette slot has a free spins feature. This feature is triggered by the Spindle Handle symbol and comes into play when you get three or more symbols anywhere on the reels.

French Roulette is the first of our three bonus games and places you in the casino complete with the traditional French Roulette table. Place your bets and spin the wheel! This game is activated by the French Flag scatter symbol 2 or more, 25 paylines. The number of spins and tokens you get to play in the feature is dependent on the number of flags as shown below: To Play Roulette the American way in our second bonus game the symbol you are looking for is the Stars and Stripes flag.

The game will begin when you hit 2 or more and you are betting on 25 paylines. To trigger the European Roulette bonus game you are looking for the flag of the European Union. A single flag anywhere here the reels will get you 4 spins with tokens per spin and your table will look like the American one but with a single '0' roulette slot you slightly better odds. You must bet on 25 paylines to be n with a chance of winning this feature.

The three Roulete games above are complete Roulette games in their roulette slot right and all feature advanced options such as 'Clear' and 'Repeat' buttons. You play the games in the same way: Place your chips on the Roulette table wherever you wish.

Hit the spin button. You must spend all your tokens before you can hit the Spin button. You'll find a handy 'Rules' button at the bottom roulette slot of each game if you need help roulette slot Roulette. The complete Http:// wheel symbol spins when activated and this substitutes for any other symbol in the Roulette slots game. Free Spins Scatter Symbol: The roulette wheel Spindle Handle symbol triggers free spins when you hit three or more anywhere on the reels.

Diamond Scatter rewards with up to 54 credits when you get 2 or more anywhere on the reels. The Free Roulette 4U logo is roulette slot paying symbol and rewards with credits when you land 5 roulette slot a winning payline. American roulette wheels have two zeroes while European Roulette wheels have just the one. Why did the Roulette player have roulette slot girlfriend? He had too many chips on his shoulders! If you enjoyed our Roulette Slots Game, other games we have that might interest you are our Roulette slot SlotoCash Slot and Free Royal Vegas Slots Game which are two more fun 5 reel multi payline slots games with bonus features.

Another game you might like article source try is our Http:// Bingo Roulette slot Game. Eyes down look click to see more By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. To find out more follow this link. Home Best Casino Bonuses No Deposit Bonuses Slot Tournaments Casino Visit web page Mobile Casinos Free Prizes How to Play Slots Slots Articles Slots Software Slots Categories New Slots All Free Slots Mobile Slots Bonus Slots Casino Game Slots Casino Slots Fruit Machines Free 3 Reel Slots Progressive Slots Free 5 Reel Slots Slots By Payline Other Slots Free 3D Slots.

Free Mobile Slots Alternatives Our Flash powered slots unfortunately do not work on mobile devices. Chinese New Year Slot. Play Winter Wonderland Slot. Free Bingo Slots Game. Play Free Bingo Slots. Email This Page To A Friend.

Join Our Email Roulette slot. Roulette Slot Game Symbols Guide Mobile Desktop Wild Symbol: More 25 Payline Slots. More 20 Payline Slots. Live Tournaments Tournaments Win Casino Bonuses. To find out more follow this link Close.

Slot Bonus Session Time With Jimbo , DOA, Drive, roulette + more!

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