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Looking to live it up at the largest casino resort in Colorado? Isle Just click for source Hotel® Black Hawk is calling your name — and the good times are waiting just an hour from Denver. Here, try your luck at any of nearly gaming machines, at any of 24 hot tables or at any of 9 live-action poker tables. Enjoy tasty dining options at your choice of 4 fabulous restaurants on site. Enliven your experience with a little live entertainment.

And when ready to call it a day, just make a night of it by staying in our fantastic room hotel. What are you waiting for? Play at your favorite machine for at least 30 minutes, then pick up a scratch-off card at the cage for a chance to win. Cash, FanPlay and free gift must be redeemed by Food offers valid for 14 days from date received. Promotions and monarch casino black hawk subject to change or cancellation without monarch casino black hawk. Rules and promotions may vary.

Complete rules eligibility for promotions are available upon request.

Management reserves all rights. Actual color and features of car may vary from image shown. Big Mike Naughton Ford gave the Isle Casino Hotel Black Hawk permission monarch casino black hawk use the Big Mike Naughton Ford logo and name as well as permission to use Ford F Isle Casino Hotel® Black Hawk.

Be All In For a Great Time. Plan to Stay Awhile. Wake up and do it all over again. Book Your Room Here. Taste the Good Life. Here it comes in many flavors.

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Hot Summer Meal Deal. Best value in Black Hawk. Special lower prices for a limited-time only. Play, Park, Win Play at your favorite machine for at least 30 minutes, then pick up a scratch-off card at monarch casino black hawk cage for a chance to win. You Could Pick Up a New Ford F® Click at this page home a BIG winner, Sunday, May Receive one free entry per day and additional entries for every tier points earned.

Get 25X entries every Tuesday. Properties Black Hawk, CO - Lady Luck Pompano Park, FL Bettendorf, IA Waterloo, IA Lake Charles, LA Shreveport, LA - Eldorado Lula, MS Vicksburg, MS Boonville, MO Cape Girardeau, MO Caruthersville, MO Kansas City, MO Reno, NV - Circus Circus Reno, NV - Eldorado Reno, NV - Silver Legacy Columbus, OH - Eldorado Scioto Downs Erie, PA - Presque Isle Downs Nemacolin, PA Chester, WV - Mountaineer.

Visit Main Street, Black Hawk, CO, Main Street, Black Monarch casino black hawk, CO, Hours: Isle is a registered trademark monarch casino black hawk ELDORADO RESORTS, INC.

Must be 21 or older. Valid only at Isle Casino Hotel Black Hawk. Eligibility rules this web page exceptions apply.

Monarch Casino Black Hawk has over slot machines, table games and the first entertainment facility in Black Hawk. A short drive from Denver.

It's my favorite buffet in Colorado. Definitely not comparable to Vegas, but it's great to get your Crab Leg fix!!! And you get one Lobster also! The selection is a bit smaller than the other buffets in Black Hawk, however there is an American section i. Did I mention they also have Pho?! It's pretty good too. The crab legs are usually always juicy. The lobster can be hit or miss in terms of juiciness, but where else can you get your choice of a whole lobster or tail at a buffet?

Overall, I go for the crab legs, lobster, and pho. That's plenty for me. If you're a new player card member, you can get a free buffet after 1 hour of monarch casino black hawk time.

Can't go starspins slots with that!! Worst slot club in Blackhawk. I accomplished this feat, in one week. I thought I would give them another chance, as I like to eat there. I monarch casino black hawk made many friends with the wait staff. Their response, they have not updated my monarch casino black hawk, so I in pattaya thailand not entiled to the gift or coupons.

They took my money, but would NOT even acknowledge my request. Subsequently, I was escorted out of the casino, like a criminal. Money, money, that's all they care about. Fogetting, the many years of my loyalty by playing there. They should be ashamed, how they treat their clients. Management is horrible, the cage is woefully understaffed. If I could give zero stars I would.

Please direct your business to The Isle or Ameristar, casino who take care of their players instead of screwing them over. They do have Machine Roulette also.

It is definitely a nice place to have fun and gamble This place sucks. There is no alcohol service, line to buffet is a mile long, no smoking. You generally get what you pay for at buffets.

My family and I had the opportunity to live in Reno, NV which surprisingly had some of he best buffets we have had. In Colorado, we usually don't frequent the casino buffets because we don't gamble much. Therefore, we make the special trip purely to go to the buffet. Calypso has been our choice for all you can monarch casino black hawk crab legs which we continue to enjoy. Last night, we decided to try something different and WANTED to try the Monarch's buffet for the lobster.

I have been to a lobster buffet in Florida, and though it was pretty decent, the obvious overcooked lobster was uneventful. I was a bit pessimistic as we drove to the Monarch but tried to keep an open mind.

Should have listened to my gut. I had my 20 year old son with me. We did not realize that the Monarch was a "casino only" with no hotel. For that reason, no one under 21 is allowed in the building. There are signs posted to warn patrons Having been to Las Vegas, Reno, Council Bluffs, IA, we assumed we could at least frequent the buffet.

Well, we were wrong. We first stopped at the restroom after the long drive. I guess a table dealer was watching my son the whole time. She then bellowed to my son to come monarch casino black hawk, like some authoritative figure, to see his ID. She had to stare at my son's VERTICAL UNDER 21 Driver's License and do the math before she exclaimed you're under Really, and did you have to take your shoes off to figure that one out or should the vertical ID be a dead give away???

She then motioned to the pathetic pit boss who promptly signaled for the National Guard. This neanderthal clearly had a God complex and looked over at us like we were just stupid for attempting to breach their system. They were all interacting monarch casino black hawk each other like they just made a major drug bust.

One pit boss even gave the dealer the " impressive - big eyed facial acknowledgement" and motioned thumbs up for the bust!!! Huh, did you think there might be a reason why she had the time to make the bust? Could it be monarch casino black hawk was absolutely no one at her table? What an unbelievably stupid encounter. Security was called over and they had to review tape before letting us go to make sure my son didn't attempt to gamble or get a drink because it was the law.

Then, they escorted us back to the elevator. This was just uncalled for. Post security at the entrances and scan monarch casino black hawk the underaged.

BUT, absolutely don't treat customers like this. I don't usually use Yelp to vent; however, if you're considering the Monarch Buffet be forewarned if you are a family. They have Lobster monarch casino black hawk crab legs, assorted meats and super long lines The staff generally are nice, but you could hear them yelling at monarch casino black hawk another by their stations. Love the seafood spread and I do like their monarch casino black hawk more than others in the neighborhood but unfortunately their poorly planned egress of their buffet leads to a bit of a traffic jam near the seafood stations The food stations around it become completely inaccessible.

The buffet is really decent. We were in lines all night! It makes you second guess this place as a viable dining option But if you are into all-you can eat and need to a moment to eat as many crab legs as humanly possible, and you just lost a bunch of money the craps table and the only way to soothe your broke soul monarch casino black hawk to eat, then this is your jam.

Don those fat pants and get thee to the buffet. Just be prepared to wait ; It's gonna be a long night. We went to this casino mainly to get try their buffet. They only have 1 bar so it's hard getting more than 1 drink every 30 minutes. They also don't have any of the slot machines we liked. They do have friendly and fun card dealers which made gambling on the tables a lot better. I do like the buffet so I will definitely come back.

I just know what to expect. Your dealers are the lamest monarch casino black hawk I've ever met. I had two in a row that had zero personality. Then I was playing with a couple of slow players and the dealer wouldn't even tell them what they have. This place is the essence of a mixed bag. The food at their cafe stinks, compared to the Lodge and the Isle. They have some great dealers like Chick.

And then a horrible Russian dealer who complains "I spend to take bus" and "Table win, while almost" when the entire table finally wins a hand and he didn't get a tip. There is also a hot Asian dealer with a fatty. The security is terrible. A light skinned black security guard asked my 67 year old uncle for an ID. This turned me off Bernie Sanders. Someone that stupid doesn't deserve 15 dollars an hour minimum wage.

I haven't really been here for quite awhile, but we got a couple of coupons for free buffets in the mail, and decided to click here our regular stops and give it a try. Wow, what a beautiful remodel in the monarch casino black hawk I just loved it as it seemed like a little swanky Las Vegas casino on the strip without the smoke. The slots were pretty good. This place was packed too.

I think alot of folks have started coming here as a few of our favorites down the road are empty on a Friday night. I loved the water walls and fire walls. Such a huge improvement since the Riviera days. The buffet was really good. We had prime rib and lobster. If you like all the crab and lobsters, this is a good fit for you.

I love the prime rib, and they gave a great serving of it. Our server was very friendly and attentive. The food looked fresh and was well presented. They also had a live band after 6 pm on Fridays and I believe other weekend nights.

We will be back. Not even click to see more slowing down as you enter Black Hawk.

While someone has already said it is easy to write a bad review for a casino, this one actually earns it. Since Monarch has taken over, it has gotten prettier Everything else has gotten worse.

Customer Service is average at best. Not sure why they bother having casino hosts as Monarch doesn't actually let them do anything. Buffet is down right disgusting, pick any other buffet in town for a better meal. Now let's talk machines. AVOID like the plague. I had an employee show me some numbers on my account and OUCH I even had an employee show me the same numbers at Ameristar which depressingly was better than Monarch.

Table Games are table games If you like one of their dealers go see them. I loved coming here for the friendly staff and the semi good food! But after I got a drink slammed down on the table by the waiter I will not be coming back here! He was either ready to go home or just in a Grumpy mood. Waited attests 20 for a drink and when I asked is where he decided it was necessary to slam the drink on my table. RUDE This place was do gross my husband me and brother had the lobster and it was not cooked at all the right way and made my husband lose his apitite we spent Don't get me wrong I love my seafood especially lobster but if you don't know how to cook it right and then they bring it back even worse because monarch casino black hawk complain about it there something wrong with that picture.

Then I call the manager and tell her we got sick from it and she said there's no way could have got sick a couple hours after eating.

Never got a call back never got anything I will never eat at this restaurant again or play there The Monarch will soon blow away Ameristar with its new hotel. If you aren't on board at Monarch The Monarch has huge improvements in store, is a great value, with top notch service.

Ameristar is already dated and after being bought by Pinnacle has lost anything but greed. I love the Monarch and Isle and both actually pay out. Ameristar has the tightest slots in Black Hawk. Tty Monarch and get ready for the newest and bedt hotel in Black Hawk! They advertise "whole lobster buffet" - how can you resist?! The buffet here monarch casino black hawk tiny - think college cafeteria size - and the caliber of the food is just about as good If I say the "best" thing here was the tuna salad, except that it was made with Miracle Whip that should give you some idea.

Oh, and the oj was pretty good. The lobsters, okay they were frozen but hey, this is Colorado! They were SO tough and rubbery it was impossible to bite, let alone chew them. The pulled pork was teeny tiny shreds of meat and grainy; taco meat was unseasoned grease; keep away from the 'Asian Slaw' If you're craving soup, the NE clam chowder monarch casino black hawk bad. If you must have monarch casino black hawk They have candy apples. Soft vanilla ice cream Two different kinds of pie The one shining star was Hameed, our server.

Charming, polite, efficient, quick on his feet, always one step ahead of our every need. He deserves a much better place. This place is AMAZING! It's going trough some construction but when it's monarch casino black hawk it will be the best casino in town. Sat down at a blackjack table and had a very pleasant floor person ask me if I wanted a card. I said no at first but he told me if I played for an hour I would get a free buffet.

The buffet was awesome. Crab legs whole, Main lobster, and so monarch casino black hawk more. I have gambled in many countries and these dealers are by far the most friendly! The crab legs are scrumptious, the lobster is hit or miss- sometimes gets a little rubbery if left out for a long time- but for the price I'm really not complaining.

They have a good variety of food. Indian, Mexican, Italian depending on the night. This is now my monarch casino black hawk black hawk buffet to hit since Ameristar now charges 8. I'd be a broke girl with no money left to play at the casino and an abundance of empty crab shells lol If you like being called racist by a staff member while trying to enjoy a nice dinner out, then this is the place for you. If you like to monarch casino black hawk violated while playing at the bar by having your ticket ripped out of the machine by the bar tender for no good reason, then this is definitely the place for you!

Especially if you're a local. If I could, I would give negative five stars. Monarch casino black hawk single time I have been here the experience gets worse. Try the smaller casinos. They treat you monarch casino black hawk a human please click for source. I had a blast playing blackjack here today.

I came monarch casino black hawk ahead but even if I lost I would still give monarch casino black hawk stars. The dealers and monarch casino black hawk bosses were wicked friendly and helped me out with learning the game. The one downside was I ordered a drink She never gave it to me and I kept missing her as she went by.

Overall though, great time and friendly people. Don't give a casino a bad review for being a casino, base it on experience with service.

Monarch Casino Black Hawk Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. Food is atrocious too. It is definitely le de monaco nice place to have fun and gamble.

Love the seafood spread and I do like their buffet more than others in the neighborhood but unfortunately their poorly planned egress of their buffet leads to a bit of a traffic  jam near the seafood stations But if you are into all-you can eat and need to a moment to eat as many crab legs as humanly possible, and you just lost a bunch of money at the craps table and the only way to soothe your broke soul is to eat,  then this is your jam.

This place was do gross my husband me and brother had the lobster and it was not cooked at all the right way and made my husband lose his apitite we spent Never got a call back never got anything I will never eat at this restaurant again or play there. The Monarch will soon blow away Ameristar with its new hotel. I'd be a broke girl with no money left to play at the casino monarch casino black hawk an abundance of empty crab shells lol.

If you like being called racist by a staff member while trying to enjoy a nice dinner out, then this is the place for you. Skip to Search Form fdrefcyztyuzqxbtwufdref Skip to Navigation Skip to Page Content Yelp.

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Monarch Casino Black Hawk. Edit Main St Black Hawk, CO Send to your Phone. Photo of Monarch Casino Black Hawk - Black Hawk, CO, United States by Maria D. Ad Westwood Center of Performing Arts.

The owner and staff care about the children's well being and respect their family time during the holidays. They push the kids to get better and nurture them to ensure they are…" read more. Ad School of Rock Boulder.

There is NEW management, there are some FABULOUS and also new instructors, and everything…" read more. Recommended Reviews for Monarch Casino Black Hawk. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Search within the reviews. Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Monarch casino black hawk Rated Elites.

As good as it gets! Lakewood, CO friends 7 reviews 8 photos. Was this review …? Useful Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Want to chime in? Westminster, CO 4 friends 7 reviews. Woodbridge, VA 44 friends 12 reviews.

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Denver, CO monarch casino black hawk friends 62 reviews 69 photos. Reisterstown, MD 63 friends 12 reviews 7 photos. Dover, DE 0 friends 3 reviews. Stop following Khampha K. Denver, CO 0 friends 5 reviews. Stop following Brenna S. Denver, CO 3 friends 10 reviews.

Stop following Michelle P. Page 1 of 2. Today Open 24 hours Light first casino now. Hours Mon Open 24 hours Tue Open 24 hours Wed Open 24 hours Thu Open 24 hours Open now Fri Open 24 hours Sat Open 24 hours Sun Open 24 hours Edit business info. More business info Takes Reservations Yes Delivery No Take-out No Accepts Monarch casino black hawk Cards Yes Good for Kids No Good for Groups Yes Attire Casual Has TV No.

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