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Vesper Lynd is a fictional character featured in Ian Fleming 's James Bond novel Casino Royale. She was portrayed by Ursula Andress in the James Bond parodywhich is only slightly based casino royale bad guy the novel, and by Eva Casino royale bad guy in the adaptation.

In the novel, the character explains that she was born "on a very stormy evening", and that her parents named her "Vesper", Latin for "evening". Fleming created a cocktail recipe in the novel that Bond names after her. The " Vesper martini " became very popular after the novel's publication, and gave rise to the famous " shaken, not stirred " catchphrase immortalised in the Bond films.

The actual name for the drink as well as its complete recipe was casino royale bad guy on screen for the first time in the adaptation of Casino Royale. Injournalist Donald McCormick claimed that Fleming based Vesper on the real life of Polish agent Krystyna Skarbekwho was working for Special Operations Executive. Vesper works at MI6 headquarters as personal assistant to Head of section S.

She is lent to Bond, much to his irritation, to assist him in his mission to bankrupt Le Chiffrethe paymaster of a SMERSH -controlled trade union. She poses as a radio seller, working with Rene Mathisand later as Bond's companion to infiltrate the casino in Royale-les-Eaux, in which Le Chiffre frequently gambles. Casino royale bad guy Bond takes all of Le Chiffre's money in a high-stakes game of baccaratRead more is abducted by Le Chiffre's thugs, who also nab Bond when he tries to rescue her.

Both are rescued after Le Chiffre is murdered by a SMERSH agent, but only after Bond has been tortured. Vesper visits Bond every day in the hospital, and the two grow very close; much to his own surprise, Bond develops genuine feelings for her, and even dreams of casino royale bad guy the service and marrying her. After he is released from the hospital, they go on a holiday together and eventually become lovers. Vesper has a terrible secret, however: She is a double agent working for Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs MVD and only worked with Bond because casino royale bad guy was ordered to see that he did not escape Le Chiffre.

Her kidnapping was staged to lure Bond into Le Chiffre's clutches. Before she met Bond, she had been romantically involved with a Polish RAF operative. This man had been captured by SMERSH, and revealed casino royale bad guy about Vesper under torture. Hence, SMERSH was using this operative to blackmail Vesper into helping them. After Le Chiffre's death, she is initially hopeful that she can have a fresh start with Bond, but she realizes this is impossible when she sees a SMERSH operative, Gettler, tracking her and Bond's movements.

Consumed with guilt and certain that SMERSH will find and kill both of them, she commits suicide, leaving a note admitting her treachery and pledging her love to Bond.

Bond copes with the loss by renouncing her as a traitor and going back to work as though nothing has happened. He casino royale bad guy his superiors and informs them of Vesper's treason and death, coldly saying "The bitch is dead. Bond's feelings for Vesper are casino royale bad guy totally extinguished; Fleming's tenth novel, On Her Majesty's Secret Servicereveals that he makes an annual pilgrimage to Royale-les-Eaux to visit her grave. In Diamonds Are ForeverBond skips the song " La Vie En Rose mgm casino buffet in Tiffany Case 's hotel room "because it has memories for him"; casino royale bad guy is a song closely associated with Vesper in Casino Royale.

Furthermore, in the novel Goldfingerwhen a drugged Bond believes that he has died and is preparing to enter heavenhe worries about how to introduce Tilly Mastertonwho he believes has died along with him, to Vesper.

In the version of Casino RoyaleLynd was portrayed by Ursula Andress please click for source, who had portrayed another Bond girlHoney Ryderin the film version of Dr. In this version, which bore little resemblance to the novel, Vesper is depicted as a former secret agent who has since become a multi-millionaire with a penchant casino royale bad guy wearing ridiculously extravagant outfits at her office "because if I wore it in the street people might stare".

Bond played by David Nivennow in the position of M at MI6, uses lake casino placid discount for her past due taxes to bribe her into becoming another agent, and to recruit baccarat expert Evelyn Tremble Casino royale bad guy Sellers into stopping Le Chiffre played by Orson Welles. Vesper and Tremble have an affair during which she eliminates an enemy agent sent to seduce Tremble "Miss Goodthighs".

Ultimately, however, she betrays Tremble to Le Chiffre and SMERSH, declaring to Tremble, "Never trust a rich spy" before killing him with a machine gun hidden inside a bagpipe. She presumably does casino royale bad guy for the same reason she does in the novel, as she remarks that it isn't for money but for love. Though her ultimate fate is not revealed in the film, in the closing credits she is shown as an angel playing 365 livebet harp, showing her to be one of the "seven James Bonds at Casino Royale" killed by an atomic explosion.

In the film version of Casino RoyaleVesper Lynd is a foreign liaison agent from the HM Treasury 's Financial Action Task Force assigned to make sure that Bond adequately manages the funds provided by MI6.

However, she is secretly a double agent working for Quantum, the very terrorist organization MI6 is trying to stop. She is an unwilling traitor, however; she is only helping them because they have taken her lover Yusef hostage and threatened to kill him if she does not cooperate. Vesper is initially skeptical about Bond's ego and at first is casino royale bad guy to be his trophy at the poker tournament with Le Chiffre.

However, she assists Bond when fighting Lord's Resistance Army leader Steven Obanno attacks him, knocking away a gun out casino royale bad guy Source hand and giving Bond the chance to kill him. She afterwards retreats to the shower, feeling that she has blood on her hands from helping to kill Obanno.

Bond kisses the link off her hands to comfort her, and they return to the casino. His kindness does not prevent casino royale bad guy from doing her job, however; casino royale bad guy refuses to bankroll him after he goes bankrupt on an early hand.

Shortly afterwards, she saves Bond's life. Poisoned by Le Chiffre's girlfriend, Valenka, Bond struggles unsuccessfully to connect a key wire to his automatic external defibrillatorbut Vesper arrives and makes the proper connection, allowing the machine to revive him. After Bond wins the tournament, Le Chiffre kidnaps Vesper, and Bond gives chase.

They fall into Le Chiffre's trap, but both are saved by Quantum henchman Mr. Whitewho shoots and kills Le Chiffre for misappropriating the organisation's funds. While both are in a hospital to recover from torture, Bond and Vesper fall deeply in love, and Bond plans to resign from the service to be with her.

As in the novel, Bond and Vesper go on vacation to Venice, hoping to start a new life. Unknown to Bond, however, Vesper embezzles the money and delivers it to a gang of Quantum casino royale bad guy. When Bond realizes what has happened and goes after Vesper, the thugs take her hostage and lock her in an elevator while they do battle with him.

After several explosions, the flooded building sinks, casino royale bad guy Vesper resigns herself to death and locks herself in, even as Bond frantically tries to open the elevator. In a final gesture, she kisses Bond's hands to clear him of guilt; she then commits suicide by opening her mouth and drowning bond james casino royal streaming regarder. Bond finally extricates her and tries to revive her using CPRto no avail.

As in the novel, Bond copes casino royale bad guy his lover's death by renouncing her, saying "The job's done and the bitch is dead. When Bond opens Vesper's mobile phone afterwards, he finds that she has left Mr. White's phone number; this enables Bond to track down and confront him at the movie's end. At the end of the film Quantum of SolaceYusef is revealed to be an agent working for Quantum, asked to seduce high-ranking women in the world's intelligence agencies.

He is then "kidnapped" by Quantum, and the women are forced to become double agents in the hope of securing his freedom. This information vindicates Vesper in Bond's eyes, making him finally see casino royale bad guy her "betrayal" was not her fault.

He does not kill Yusef, but leaves him to MI6 and tells M that she was casino royale bad guy about Vesper. As casino royale bad guy walks away, he drops Vesper's necklace in the snow. In the film SpectreBond finds a video casino royale bad guy in Mr. White's hotel room in Morocco titled "Vesper Lynd Interrogation". Ernst Stavro Blofeldwhose Spectre organization is the power behind Quantum, taunts Bond by taking credit for Vesper's death as part of his personal vendetta against him.

The character of Vesper Lynd does not appear in the television adaptation of Casino Royale. Instead, the character was casino royale bad guy by a new character named Valerie Mathis, played by Linda Christianwho is depicted as an American.

She also betrays Bond played by Barry Nelsonbut comes to his rescue after he is shot by Le Chiffre played by Peter Lorre. Valerie does not die in this adaptation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Life of Ian Fleming. James Bond as literary character and weiteren code bonus pour casino 777 die film character.

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René Mathis (Giancarlo Giannini) | James Bond Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Casino royale bad guy

Daniel CraigEva GreenJeffrey WrightJudi Dench club casino, Mads Mikkelsen. ActionAdventureThriller. During the poker game when Bond orders his martini, what does Felix Leiter mean when he comments "Bring me one as well, keep the fruit"? Bond first requested a dry martini but casino royale bad guy invented the "Vesper", which included a thin slice of lemon peel.

I believe Felix was asking to hold the lemon. I don't understand why Felix casino royale bad guy Bond meet for the first time in Casino Royale, because they meet for the first time in Dr.

I know that Casino Royale is a reboot, but you still cannot meet someone for the first time casino royale bad guy. Well, the fact that it's a reboot answers the question. It has no relevance to Casino Royale, because as far as this movie and its sequels are concerned, the other Bond films never happened. Casino royale bad guy and Felix can meet for the first time in this movie, because they've never met before.

Near the end of the film, how does Bond deduce Vesper is in danger after she says she is needed by Mathis? He suddenly realises that he told Mathis about Le Chiffre's 'tell', and that that must be how Le Chiffre was able to beat him. With the realisation or assumption - we never find out either way that Mathis can't be trusted, he comes to the conclusion that Vesper could casino royale bad guy in danger and goes casino royale bad guy her.

Of course, he fails to consider that he casino royale bad guy told Vesper herself Why is Vesper upset when she learns Bond used her name as the password? It revealed that Bond was likely falling in love with her, so either they were "tears of joy" and she was emotional at this casino royale bad guy, or she was actually quite upset as she had feelings for him too and was about to betray him by stealing the money for Quantum.

I would like to know why, when they check in the hotel, Vesper is angry when Bond tells her to sign the reservation, because she represents the treasury? It's because he's blatantly blowing their cover. They're supposed to be masquerading as a professional gambler and his lover, so when Bond goes up to the counter, gives his real name rather than his cover name and states directly casino royale bad guy and what she is, it understandably annoys her.

When Vesper is kidnapped by Le Chiffre, Bond suspects Mathis betrayed him, and Le Chiffre even confirms it. But then it is revealed the traitor is actually Vesper. So why would Le Chiffre tell Bond Mathis was his "friend"?

Or for that matter, why did Vesper get out of the casino only to get kidnappedif Mathis apparently never text messaged her saying he "needed casino royale bad guy Le Chiffre needs Bond to believe that Vesper is innocent, so that he can casino royale bad guy her as leverage during the torture scene.

If Bond knew that she was actually a traitor, that leverage would be gone, so he tells him that Mathis sold him out instead. Having failed to win the poker tournament, Le Chiffre's only remaining option to get the money back is to take it from Bond, so he sent the text telling Vesper to leave the casino so that he can stage her kidnapping, putting his plan into motion. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel.

Help me out if I'm wildly off: The Ugandan gangster attacks LeChiffre in his hotel, who Bond later kills. LeChiffre then continues with the game casino royale bad guy panics when Mr. White demands the money.

I was under the assumption that LeChiffre only owed money to the gangster and therefore needed to win the game to pay him back. Why does he continue with the game after the gangster is killed? Le Chiffre operates as the banker for Mr White's entire organisation. The Ugandan is only casino royale bad guy of many individuals and groups for whom Le Chiffre provides financial services; killing him read article little to solve the problem of the missing money.

Plus there's the question of trust - if Le Chiffre can't keep the money safe, then Mr White's organisation have no use for him and, as we see in the movie, will readily eliminate him.

Le Chiffre's desperate to recover the money to prove his trustworthiness and save his own life. Why does Le Chiffre torture Bond for the code when the Swiss banker would obviously only allow Bond himself to punch in the code in the banking briefcase?

If Le Chiffre is willing to torture Bond to get the code, he's certainly willing to torture the banker into letting him use it. According to Wikipedia, a "disused spa", the Kaiserbad, was supposed to be used as the exterior of the Casino Royale.

I found a picture: Click here the players go to their rooms, I thought they were in the same building, but apparently not. Nope, in the movie the hotel and casino were not in the same building. Why does Bond not use his left arm playing poker at The Ocean Club when he wins the Aston Martin?

When Bond goes all in on a poker hand, he sweeps all of his many chips into the centre of the table in almost an awkward manner, as if his left hand is holding something under the table.

Because he is click the following article handed. Therefore he would naturally use his right hand to sweep chips across the table. He just has his posture so his left hand is in his lap - the pose seems quite natural.

There wouldn't be anything I click the following article think of he would be holding under the table. Why is the defibrillator scene in Casino Royale cut from the TV versions?

For American TV, a film needs to have a run-time in increments of casino royale bad guy minutes An hour with 4 commercial breaks.

Casino Here runs minutes, so 9 minutes have to be trimmed somewhere, and this scene IS a bit drawn-out. We know Bond's going to survive because the game isn't over. In this film Bond almost dies when he is poisoned and discovers that his portable defibrillator has a broken wire. My question is, has this been the only time in the entire bond series that a Bond gadget has had a fault and not worked properly, or have there been been other instances?

It isn't the first time a Bond gadget didn't work. Most notably, the machine guns mounted on a gyrocopter in You Only Live Twice, and a fake nipple can't believe I just said that!

It should be noted though that this Bond gadget didn't have a fault, Bond just did not plug the two patches into the Defibrillator, which is what Vesper does when she runs casino royale bad guy to the car, thus saving Bond's life.

At Miami airport, the cops shoot the fuel trucks tires. Wouldn't that be dangerous? Would there be a risk of a bullet hitting the fuel tank and blowing it up? And if, so, wouldn't the cop think twice before shooting?

Unlike how it's often portrayed in casino royale bad guy, it's actually pretty hard for a bullet to ignite a casino royale bad guy tank. The Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel tried it casino royale bad guy and were unable to do it with anything but a tracer round. That is a round that burns as goes through the air.

Of course a stray bullet could make the tanker leak, but apparently that was a risk the police thought was acceptable compared with the dangers of having a rogue tanker driving around. How does know the code for the security door in Miami Airport? He casino royale bad guy that the word "Ellipsis" is the password based on the text messages that have been sent back and forth on the terrorists' cell phones.

I feel like the "Ellipsis" text message the suspected bomb-maker Molloka receives and casino royale bad guy one that Carlos the terrorist receives at the Body exhibit are the same text. I thought the date at the top of each was the same, first when Molloka receives the text in the beginning of the film and when James traces this call to Dimitrios in the Bahamas and again when James is leaving the Body exhibit and calls Carlos on Dimitrios' phone.

I seem to remember the date as June 6 in each instance. Yet this isn't possible since Le Chiffre must have sent them at different times because didn't he hire Carlos after Molloka was killed? Am I just getting my facts confused? Any explanation would be greatly appreciated. Yes both text messages have the same time and date. Most new phones have the ability to send the same text message to multiple recipients at the same time. My understanding is that they both could have been hired to blow up the plane, Carlos to act as a security guard or airport cop to help Molloka plant a bomb.

That's probably why they both were given the "code" to the door so that they could meet up inside. Once Molloka was killed, Carlos must have been informed to blow casino royale bad guy the plane by another means or even given the new device. He doesn't appear in this film.

As the film is set at the very start of Bond's career, it wouldn't casino royale bad guy sense - the character that would go on to be Q was introduced in Dr. No, and wasn't created with the title of Q until Goldfinger, by which time Bond was well into his Double-0 career.

Also, Casino Royale is a film which doesn't rely heavily on gadgets, unlike a lot of other Bond films, meaning that the character would be a little redundant if he appeared. When Bond finds out Dimitri is going to the airport to fly to Miami, we see Bond leaving Dimitri's "wife" and heading off to the airport, with the intention of following Dimitri.

Bond is seen in the Alpha Romero he won from Dimitri casino royale bad guy a poker match, but then we see Bond in the back seat of a taxi. So why two vehicles? Dimitri is seen in a taxi himself. The first shot is Bond driving the Aston Martin DB5 not visit web page Alpha Romeo to the airport in the Bahamas. The second shot in the taxi is in Miami.

During a break in the card game Bond slips something into Le Casino royale bad guy inhaler - but I casino royale bad guy recall anything coming of it later.

What did he slip in and what was the significance of that? It's a tracking device he can use to find Le Chiffre at all times. He uses it whilst in the hotel lift to determine that Le Chiffre is on casino royale bad guy 4th floor of the hotel and which casino royale bad guy he is in.

Casino royale bad guy one born with a deranged tear duct or is casino royale bad guy acquired? Also, why does Le Chiffre have a clouded and faded iris, casino royale bad guy that part of the disorder?

Can casino royale bad guy even see out of that eye? The scar above and below his eye must also be related, or could someone have inflicted it upon him? It is possible to be born with this affliction, but his injury to the same eye suggests he wasn't. When the suitcase enters the water and starts to float away, I thought I saw an arm from about casino tab crown elbow and hand outstretched toward the water and suitcase, as if someone fire red slot machine laying down and mostly hidden behind some of the building debris.

I noticed during both viewings I attended, but it is fast. I thought maybe it was a crewarm, then later thought it might have belonged to Mr. Or maybe just some bad guy trying to grab it without success. Or maybe it wasn't an arm at all. It's the bad guy with the black eye patch reaching for it.

Would he get to keep it? Bond was on vacation at the time and presuming that he didn't use any MI6 funds to enter the poker game, I see no reason why he shouldn't be able to keep his winnings. This may be very obvious to others: I understand she was 'the money' but she wasn't a player therefore why did she have her own password to input with the banker and his silver case in Geneva? I really didn't understand that at all. Because Bond simply tells her the password as she's punching it in.

As to the account, the proceeds would go to the British government, casino royale bad guy it's only logical that Vesper would know the right account to put it in. When Bond realises he has been poisoned at the poker game, he mixes salt with water and drinks it.

What was this supposed to do? Does salt mixed with water rid the body of hazardous chemicals or something? He did it to simply make himself vomit, which is what he does into the sink. Inducing vomiting is meant to rid the stomach of the poison that hasn't been absorbed although this idea is debatable, Bond thought it was wise. However, he was still in danger because he already absorbed enough of the poison, which is why he goes to the car and injects the antidote the injection he gives himself in the neck.

In the scene where Bond retrieves his weapon casino royale bad guy the concierge and enters the elevator with Vesper, he attaches his earpiece and goes to Le Chiffre's floor. Is he going to shoot Le Chiffre? If so, this doesn't seem to fit with trying to beat Le Chiffre at Poker.

If not, what was his mission? Bond went upstairs only to spy on him. The gun was for if anything went wrong. I don't understand why Vesper killed herself in the end. Can someone please clue me in? She loved Bond and had betrayed him. She knew he would probably die trying to save her, and that if he didn't he would be tortured by the memory, so she killed herself both out of guilt and to save him.

How can Bond beat Le Chiffre in the final hand? I don't fully understand how Le Chiffre lost all his money when the bomb failed to blow up the prototype aircraft at Miami airport. If the bomb had exploded, the casino royale bad guy in the airliner would casino royale bad guy this web page, but because it casino royale bad guy, wouldn't think mean that Le Chiffre missed out on the opportunity to make a load of money, but would still be left with the money he had in the first place?

Le Chiffre was essentially betting that airline stock would fall, so he bought futures contracts assuming the price would fall, when the bomb did not go off, airline stock did not fall, so he lost his money, as the contract he'd bought still had to be fulfilled.

Quantum of Solace Skyfall Kingsman: The Secret Service Spectre The Bourne Supremacy Toy Story Search Browse all Submit something Follow Share Log in Register Back to C You may like Does it look like I give a damn? In a scene towards the casino royale bad guy of the movie where Bond and Vesper are lying on the beach, Bond has sand on his back through most of the scene. When they start to kiss, in the distant shot towards the end of the scene, he has no sand on his back at all.

Director Martin Campbell makes a cameo as casino royale bad guy gasoline truck driver who gets killed by the attempted plane bomber.

First pictures article source Josh Brolin as Cable for Deadpool casino royale bad guy. The biggest mistakes in Spider-Man: Red and Blue mistakes The Mark of Athena mistakes Commando Mistakes Mistake pictures Best TV casino royale bad guy Most TV mistakes Best TV pictures Most TV pictures Most mistakes of Best mistakes of Oscar nominees Most mistake-prone directors Most book mistakes Casino royale bad guy game mistakes Blog Homepage First pictures of Josh Brolin as Cable for Deadpool 2 The biggest mistakes in Spider-Man: Tons of Comic-Con fun Assassin's Creed trailer Hollywood jumps without CGI Dr.

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Search Browse all Submit something Follow. Mistakes In a scene towards the end of the movie where Bond and Vesper are lying on the beach, Bond has sand on his back through most of the scene. Trivia Director Martin Campbell makes a cameo as the gasoline truck driver who gets killed casino royale bad guy the attempted plane bomber. Click to show more.

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