Casino industry trends 2015 Trends In The Casino Gaming Industry

Casino industry trends 2015

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The issues facing the gaming industry are complex and diverse. We hope you concur, and will give us your feedback on how you see the new year progressing on these and other topics. Content Is King Slot manufacturers are teaming with third-party content providers to grab and hold new patrons. Certainly, younger players are not likely to sit on a row of clanging one-armed bandits like their parents and grandparents. But slots can be maximized with the right product and delivery.

Hence, the rise of third-party content providers. We make the hit rates and the frequency of those wins a little higher, so the players can get a feel for and sense of the game more quickly than they can from a land-based game.

Their casino industry trends 2015 needs to be seamless, quick and easy. With innovative casino industry trends 2015, easy access and a few other bells and whistles, slots might just be around for the long haul. The product itself delivers great value. Look at the big social casino operators: Caesars casino intertops bonus deposit classic no Playtika, IGT with Double Down, Churchill Downs with Big Fish.

They have very large, sustainable businesses where players have logged on and spent casino industry trends 2015 being customers. And how about new technologies? Can players look forward to immersive Avatar? They talked about 3D poker, for instance, but it never took hold. You to experiment and let the market give you the feedback. You have to build great product and understand the needs of the customers.

Tangled Together DFS and eSports are two industries tangentially connected. Daily fantasy sports has dominated the conversation in the gaming world over the past year, but with the industry facing its first real crisis, its continued growth is now less certain than it was just a couple of months ago.

But another emerging market appears ready to swoop in and assume the mantle of more info next big thing in gaming if DFS falters: Two hundred five million people either watched or played eSports in Championship events boast multimillion-dollar prize pools, and these events effortlessly sell out arenas with tens of thousands of seats.

This growth is likely to continue inas both ESPN and Turner Sports have signed deals with eSports leagues and will be televising eSports tournaments. Is it any wonder Chris Grove titled his white paper on eSports wagering markets for Eilers Research, eSports Betting: As with all high-level competitions, the ability to wager on eSports has flourished alongside eSports, and this is where the eSports industry and the daily fantasy sports have intersected.

Because the two industries are blossoming at the same time, they have found a way to harmonize their products through daily fantasy eSports DFeS contests. DFeS contests first appeared in January with the creation of Vulcun and AlphaDraft, the latter of which was purchased by FanDuel in September, just weeks after rival DraftKings launched its own DFeS contests.

But there are also go here clouds on the horizon. The decision by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to classify DFS contests as gambling and require operators to be casino industry trends 2015 by the state could slow the DFS industry as well as the maturation of DFeS contests.

However, even with the increased regulatory constraints and calls for further investigations into the casino industry trends 2015, DFeS revenue will almost assuredly experience significant growth in With or without DFeS, the U. Analyze This Big Data takes deep-dive analytics. The man in the deerstalker hat was only half right. But data on its own has little power to drive business.

But many consumers today are spending their time—and money—on food, fun and retail outlets, not the gaming floor. Despite that realization, Fagan adds, many marketing decisions and offers are still sind joker vegas casino Wärme solely on gaming spend. Casino resorts must find ways to drill down into consumer spend across the entire resort and use this data aqueduct casino jobs better segment and market to their most valuable guests.

Loyalty programs can also be made to casino industry trends 2015 harder. Ideally, using this data, casino resorts can better serve their customers, win more of their wallet, earn their loyalty, and optimize revenues throughout the property. The Skill Debate The casino industry trends 2015 toward skill-based games is not quite a rush— yet.

Ever since regulators in New Jersey and Nevada called upon slot manufacturers to submit games using an element of casino industry trends 2015 move aimed at luring the millennial generation to the slot floor to make up for sagging revenues—industry pundits and the mainstream media have been addressing the issue with what has approached obsession.

They do like table games, because they like to interact with one another, and tables provide a social experience. But as far as electronic gaming casino industry trends 2015, the prevailing wisdom has been that gamblers among the 80 million millennials, to become slot players, will need slots that resemble the games they already play on their mobile devices.

Manufacturers are brainstorming with officials to draft permanent regulations regarding skill games, but those who are sounding the alarm of the end of the slot floor as we know it may be a bit ahead of themselves.

The first thing to be determined in creating a skill-based game will be what, precisely, can be monetized for casino play in a practical fashion. Young players like Candy Crush-style video games on which they can achieve high levels through skillful play. They like shooter games that pit them against each other in a competition.

They like games that reward good hand-eye coordination and dexterity. They like eSports, in which they are actually a spectator in a fantasy video battle between two other players—a skill game and spectator sport in one.

And the millennials love to communicate with each other in real time on their smartphones, and would probably appreciate being able to do that during any skill-based contest. The industry is just now beginning to figure out how to incorporate casino industry trends 2015 these unique preferences into casino games. Casinos like MGM Grand are already experimenting with millennial-friendly environments that could be the prototype for at least a section of a casino casino industry trends 2015 that will be designed for skill games.

The InteractivePro tables at the MGM include slot games and internet access, and they are in a lounge that could be a model for spaces where young players could gather to play competitive skill games in the kind casino industry trends 2015 social, club-like setting to which they already gravitate. There is still time for this to develop. Europa club casino one thing, the baby boomers who love traditional cool casino cat codes for are still a dominant demographic in casinos—and they have much, go here more disposable income with which to gamble on a 10 percent-house-edge game than millennials have to compete with each other on games may or may not monetize well for the casinos.

Also, the industry will need to ascertain just how much of its bottom line it will be willing to risk to skilled video gamers. If millennials feel they will be able to massacre skill-based video games to beat casinos, they have yet to learn that age-old adage of our industry: In the end, the house always has casino industry trends 2015 edge.

The exact nature of skill-based slots is yet to be determined. In the meantime, there are already thousands of skill games on casino floors. The Right Casino industry trends 2015 Guests, not operators, driving food and beverage venues.

Your guests want what they want, when they want it, and in a setting they are comfortable in—basically the ultimate a la carte dining, drinking and enjoying venue. The idea of choice. Time is a tremendous factor in this as well; guests want to make sure they maximize their dollars and experiences, with food and drink included in that, most times with a mobile device in their hand. It is not enough to just have a food casino industry trends 2015 or a collection of quick-service operations for guests to walk up to, as they are expecting more and a better selection based on quality, price, value and speed.

The restaurant world outside of casinos provides that choice, so it is expected that you will too. Our guests have become extremely discerning, which is implicitly based upon their experiences and their ability to research food and locations via the internet either through their computer or instantly via their hand-held deviceswhen they have not enjoyed something directly.

We live in an instantaneous society, and guest demand for food and beverage is right in line with that. While we as operators are the ones running these restaurants and providing service, our guests are the ones who are making the decisions based upon dietary restrictions, food aversions, past experiences, time and location and perhaps, most importantly, what suits their individual tastes.

Moving forward, restaurants in casinos and casino operators need to better take into account what the guest is not only expecting, but demanding out of their food and beverage experiences. Speed of service and choice are the keys at this point, with guests sometimes desiring what they want 24 hours a day. As the disposable income that guests have to spend dwindles or is divided, gaming, while important, is not the only reason we see our guests in casinos and on properties.

They are going to continue spending, but will be more cognizant of the spend and where it is going, for their overall enjoyment and customization with a personal touch. The Skill Debate The rush toward skill-based games is not quite a rush—yet. Here and Now The trend that never was. Although by definition the oldest of the millennials right now is only 35, casino executives have convinced themselves that no millennial in his or her right mind would ever play the slot machines we are offering these days.

We use our non-gaming entertainment and food and beverage to get them in the door and introduce them to the product. Take the social casinos, for example. The very companies that are supplying slot machines to casino executives are operating very lucrative social casinos that may not technically be gambling, but certainly are producing revenue.

Is there no desire to gamble at all by the millennials? That discussion is ongoing, and was highlighted by an AGEM study casino industry trends 2015 in August that correlated decreasing slot revenue with increased hold percentages. Hopefully, we can all get together and have a rational discussion about how to solve these problems. Things out of our casino industry trends 2015 also impact casino revenue. The local and regional economies can be a big boost or drag to the fortunes of any casino serving those markets.

Innovative marketing and non-gaming offerings can outweigh those issues, but sometimes, there is simply nothing an operator can do. There are a number of contributing factors that seem to be dismissed often: Stalled But Not Forgotten U. State legislatures were presented with a roadmap for legalizing and regulating online gaming following a September opinion n casino forum d by the Department of Justice that limited the Wire Act to sports betting.

In the two years following the ruling, several casino industry trends 2015 were quick to take advantage of the opinion. New Jersey and Delaware legalized online poker and online casino games in June and February respectively, with both states launching their iGaming industries in the fall of MinnesotaIllinois and Georgia all took their lotteries online.

However, after this early rush, the spread of legalized online gaming has slowed to a trickle, as only a single state, Michigan, has legalized online lottery sales. There are several reasons states have backed off online gaming expansion. There are the disappointing revenue numbers from the current legalized markets. Casino industry trends 2015 smaller-than-anticipated revenue coupled with the federal uncertainty brought about by RAWA has tamped down calls for online gaming expansion in state houses.

Pennsylvania California New York Connecticut Rhode Island Illinois Ohio Several other states including Massachusetts and Washington are also candidates, but with being a presidential election year, unless a state is on the cusp of passing an online gaming bill, a la Pennsylvania, iGaming expansion talks are unlikely to move past the exploratory phase.

Which is why many are looking forward towith the hope that Pennsylvania serves as the linchpin. If online gaming expansion stalls in Pennsylvania, there will be less urgency in New York, Massachusetts and other state houses. If Pennsylvania can pass an online gaming bill in late or early and launch its iGaming industry by lateit could open the proverbial floodgates, and light a fire in neighboring legislatures to get an online gaming bill passed.

As Macau can attest, relying on the Chinese gamer is both extremely rewarding and volatile. While operators in all Asian markets continue to enjoy the fruits of Chinese patronage and work to grow this segment, savvy operators are always looking for the next big casino development opportunity. The next new opportunity could in fact be a sleeping giant: Indians have a proclivity to gamble.

Although the only proximate gaming destinations are a flight or more away, Indian gamers frequent the available legal Indian casinos in the Indian states of Goa and Sikkim. Currently, Goa offers four offshore casinos that look and feel like Midwestern American riverboats, and 10 land-based casinos that are limited to electronic gaming by law, but often feature electronic table games with a live dealer.

After flying into Siliguri, West Bengal and driving five hours to Gangtok, Sikkim, Indian gamers have access to two more land-based casinos which feature a full array of table games. Indian gamers also find their casino industry trends 2015 to foreign casinos in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Macau and Las Vegas. With a few casino industry trends 2015, many of the nearby facilities in Goa boomtown casino employment Sikkim offer a largely underwhelming gaming experience.

Despite this unappealing facility offering, Indian patronage of these facilities continues. Indian gamers overwhelmingly prefer table games, with a strong preference for familiar card games like roulette and baccarat and traditional Indian games like flush Teen Patti and mini-flush. Outside of legalized casino gaming, Indians find other ways game.

Cash card games are available at private clubs, illegal gambling halls on the outskirts of metro areas, and in many homes. During large holidays, like Casino industry trends 2015, Indians often gamble with family and friends, playing cash games, such as flush and rummy.

Indians also wager frequently on sporting casino industry trends 2015, namely cricket. Even without proximate gaming options, Indian gamers are finding a way to enjoy gaming entertainment.

With a proclivity to gamble and an appropriate offering of convenient, attractive gaming facilities, the Indian gaming market has serious potential. To illustrate the magnitude of its potential, consider the following example: With read article potential, it will be hard for the existing Indian operators to keep this market to themselves for very long.

Bigger and Better Social gaming gets lost in the iGaming shuffle. What makes social gaming an extremely casino industry trends 2015 product is its malleability.

Social games can be used to bolster existing brick-and-mortar or online products as a marketing tool, or can be launched as a stand-alone product capable of becoming its own viable and significant revenue stream. With all of these uses, brick-and-mortar casino industry trends 2015 no longer view social gaming as casino industry trends 2015 competitor, they see it as synergistic product that can enhance their current offerings.

At Global Gaming ExpoBrett Calapp of Pala Interactive detailed one of the benefits of social for brick-and-mortar casinos—filling out the player profile. Presently, social gaming leaves age requirements up to operators, which on Facebook is all of Technology and Regulations Tribes seeking to generate more from casino floor.

With American Indian gaming expanding at an annual post-recession growth rate of less than 3 percent, tribes in the coming years will be looking to improve slot machine technology and profitability in an effort to generate more government revenue from the casino floor. Much of the emphasis will be on 4 fold bet advancement in Class II, casino industry trends 2015 machines, which under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act IGRA most tribes can operate free from state oversight and taxation.

The Class II market has steadily increased, in part because blackhawk casino in co hotels increasing state efforts to extract additional revenue from Class III, casino-style gambling, which under IGRA requires tribal-state regulatory agreements, or compacts. Tribes also will be monitoring the development of skilled and interactive games intended to appeal to millennial players zur fortune cookie slot machine was, according to studies, are not satisfied with traditional slots.

Indian Country has historically been a proving ground for machine innovations such as cashless gambling and multi-denomination devices. It will continue to be. Increased profitability from the gambling floor is a priority for tribes seeking to ensure a sustainable source of government revenue.

There were only 10 more gambling facilities than the previous year, according to NIGC figures, evidence of a mature, if not saturated, gambling market.

With compacts coming up for renewal in a number of states—California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Michigan and Arizona, to name a few—tribes are weighing the benefits of Class II machines versus the taxes and regulatory issues tied to Class III gambling. Then you have the compact renegotiations. Tribes have an edge in that they are able to put in a Class II product, which is getting much better all casino industry trends 2015 time.

Some estimates put Class II machines at 12 percent of theslot machines in Indian Country. Of the 61, machines in Oklahoma, 42 percent are Class II devices, up from 34 percent in The NIGC has enacted regulations and technical specifications to enhance bingo machine innovations and ensure tribal primacy in regulating Class II devices.

Tribes not able to secure Class III compacts in California, Alabama and elsewhere may find it beneficial from a regulatory and economic standpoint to stick with Class II machines. Staff for Global Gaming Business magazine, Las Vegas, Nevada.

View all posts by GGB Staff. GGB Magazine GGB News iGamingPlayer Casino Style Tribal Casino industry trends 2015 Gaming Casino Connection. Copyright © Global Gaming Business Casino industry trends 2015. Skip to content Subscribe Advertise About Us Go Mobile. Read Proteintherapie sport pesa betting site Zelle Digital Editions. Subscribe to GGB Magazine. DecemberFeatures. By GGB Staff Mon, Nov 23, SHARE ON: The trends and challenges that will face the casino gaming industry in GGB Staff Staff writers for Global Gaming Business magazine, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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